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Joining forces

Door 1 november 2016 augustus 18th, 2019 Geen reacties

It has been almost one year ago since Susan Jane and I decided to join forces as songwriters. Since our first attempts in that writing process, a lot has happened. We started with just a few rough ideas where we had some kinda groove going on, or a guitar lick to vamp on. Then the words and melody came, and before we knew, we had almost 20 songs to start with. Pretty soon we became aware of the fact that we were good in improvising music on the spot. And that’s how many of our songs were created in the first place. Once we felt the time right to record our material, we kind of had to learn first how to translate a pure improvisation into a more concrete song structure.

Debut album

We selected 11 original songs for our debut album and plan to release this album at the beginning of 2017. As for the material, most songs turned out to be related to everyday issues and challenges in our lives, rather than singing personal love songs. We consider ourselves as two individuals who are strongly aware of the world we live in and we are most willing to connect with others who share our ideas of living in harmony with this fragile planet.

There’s more to music

Susan and I have different musical backgrounds but we share the same heartbeat when it comes to music. We never feel we play the music but we’re living it while performing. For both of us, it’s just a natural thing to do without any pre-thoughts. As for me personally, it’s a total different experience, considering my own musical past, where I used to play in various bands with lots of ego stuff going on. Music from the Well has nothing to do with that ego, we just want to share our music and thoughts.

Be the music everywhere

We also strongly believe music connects all of us around the globe and therefore it is a pretty strong way to communicate with people from a different background. Where there is some kind of recognition, there is mostly mutual respect. Musicians like George Harrison, Ry Cooder, Paul Simon, Peter Gabriel, Sting, Joni Mitchell and many other kindred spirit musicians showed us already how to build bridges with different cultures. In this awareness we found ourselves inspired. ‘Be the music everywhere’.