About Music from the Well


Writers duo

Music from the Well is a music platform which was formed in the beginning of 2016.
As a writers duo we write songs based on improvisations. Our first album “Unity in Diversity” has been released in the beginning of 2017.

On stage we perform in various line-ups with those who share our vision.

Workshops & more

Besides performing, Music from the Well has come up with a unique educational concept which is based on teachings that stimulate students to make music from intuition.

More than music


Music connects, inspires and can be healing.

We live, make, write and teach music to inspire ourselves and others.

We believe children are the ones who still embody our true nature. They are a living example of what we’ve seem to have forgotten to be.


Music is a universal language without boundaries and we connect with all who agree.

The philosophy behind Music from the Well in 4 steps


In an accelerating society like we live in, its hard to get focused at one point for a longer period of time. So many things constantly asking for our attention almost 24/7. For instance, think about all these digital signals through the day, reminding us of something important to hear, read or remember.

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